Travels with Boogie, Mark Wallington

Travels with Boogie, Mark Wallington

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Condition:  VERY GOOD 

Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd 

Publication date:  2006 

First Published:  1986 / 1989 

ISBN:  9780099503125 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 432 


About the Book:  

The omnibus edition of Mark Wallington's two humour/travel classics featuring his much-loved dog, Boogie, in walks around England. 



Travels with Boogie is the story of two city slickers – one an unattractive but streetwise mongrel from Stockwell, the other the long-suffering author – and how they came to terms with England’s countryside and waterways. 

First they had to survive against all odds as they embarked on a heroic journey up hill and down dale, with rucksacks full of Kennomeat, along Britain’s longest coastal footpath – from Somerset to Devon, from Cornwall to Dorset. And they did it. Then, undaunted, they took on the treacherous waters of the Thames. Not exactly as Mark had planned, however: this time his companion was to be the delectable Jennifer – but she was held up at the office, and when Boogie was dropped off at the kennels the other dogs complained. 

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