The Sixth Pan Book of Horror Stories, Herbert van Thal

The Sixth Pan Book of Horror Stories, Herbert van Thal


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The Sixth Pan Book of Horror Stories  

AUTHOR : Selected by Herbert van Thal 

Publisher: PAN 

Publication year: 1976 11th Printing

Format:  Paperback 

Pages:  222

Category:  Collectors Item / Horror / Compilation  


Condition Notes: Please Note the photographs attached are of the actual book you are purchasing.  Please review these carefully and feel free to request more should you require them.  

Good condition, spine unbroken.  some bumping / rubbing and minimal creasing to cover

About the book: 

as horrible as in HORROR VOLUME VOLUME FIVE?


'By delicate use of surgery without anaesthetic I have observed the reaction of a man to his innards.  I have fed another patient one of his eye-balls in a strawberry jelly . . . '

'When she was within two feet she laughed.  I tried to move away as from out of her mouth sprang a huge rat, its teeth dripping with blood.  From her nostrils wriggled a tiny snake, and then another and another. . . '

'Tissue and muscle and sinew and the shining nobs of bone, practically intact; a soft mass that he knew for a man by the shape.  Eyes in lidless sockets, fleshless limbs that stuck together, lipless mouth and bared brain. . . '



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