The Secret of Annexe 3, Colin Dexter

The Secret of Annexe 3, Colin Dexter

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Condition:  GOOD

Publisher:  Pan 

Publication date: 2002

First Published 1986

Format: Paperback 

Pages:  301

An Inspector Morse Mystery #7

From the cover:  

‘Morse sought to hide his disappointment.  So many people in the Haworth Hotel that fatal evening had been wearing some sort of disguise - a change of dress, a change of make-up, a change of partner, a change of attitude, a change of life almost; and the man who had died had been the most consummate artist of them all. . .'

Chief Inspector Morse seldom allowed himself to be caught up in New York celebrations.  So the murder inquiry in the festive hotel had a certain appeal. 

It was a crime worthy of the season.

The corpse was still in fancy dress. And hardly a single guest at the Haworth had registered under a genuine name. . . 

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