The Evening News, Arthur Hailey

The Evening News, Arthur Hailey

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher: Guild Publishing 

Publication date:  1990 

First Published: 1990 

ISBN: CN 6985

Format: Hardback 

Pages: 518 


About the Book:  

The setting is television news, inside the studios, newsrooms, backrooms and worldwide bureaus of CBA-TV where two major news figures – newscaster Crawford Sloane, and ‘Big-Foot’ correspondent Harry Partridge – compete, and sometimes feud with each other.  

Their long-standing rivalry begins in Vietnam where both are ambitious TV correspondents and in love with the same woman. In the end, Sloane wins the girl and the top job on the CBA News desk, while Partridge continues onward to correspondent stardom.  

Years later, when Sloane is beset by a desperate family crisis, he turns to Partridge and pleads for his former adversary’s aid. The crisis involves drug-financed terrorism imported to America from Peru, and Sloane finds his fame has made him a sitting target. Suddenly. Both men are catapulted from their natural role as reporters to playing an active part on the world’s stage, in the most perilous assignment either of them has ever undertaken.  

At the same time they must deal with tensions created by the acquisition of the CBA network by a conglomerate giant, Globanic Industries, while a terrorist leader, codenamed Miguel, has his own agenda for CBA which includes a plan to dominate the airwaves in an extremist revolutionary cause.  


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