The Danger, Dick Francis

The Danger, Dick Francis

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher:  Pan 

Publication date: 1984 

First published 1983 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 405 


About the Book:  

A beautiful Italian girl driving home in an open top sports car, a little boy playing on a South Coast beach and the Senior Steward of the Jockey Club on his way to a press reception in Baltimore.  One after the other they suffer the same nightmare ordeal – kidnapping. 

But there is one thing connecting these particular cases.  For the Italian girls is a jockey and the little boy an only son of a race horse owner.  A picture of the person behind this international chain of crime starts to emerge – a lover of Verdi, a man with a cool and calculating brain and an aficionado of the racing world. 

Andrew Douglas, brought in to advise and help the victims and their families, proceeds with all his customary diplomacy and courage.  Only to find himself playing a dangerous part: the role usually reserved for his clients.  

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