Secret of the Templars, Paul Christopher

Secret of the Templars, Paul Christopher

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Condition:  GOOD – Ex Library 

Publisher:  Penguin 

Publication date: 2015 

First published 2015 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 343 


About the Book:  

Retired army rangers Lt. Col. John Holliday’s niece is brutally murdered whilst searching for the long-lost Dead Sea Scroll.  Holliday has vowed to avenge her death and complete her life’s work, but in doing so he stumbles upon a conspiracy linking the Catholic Church to an illicit art forgery operation involving the Nazis. 

Hunted by those determined to hide the truth, Holliday and Interpol agent Peter Lazarus embark on a desperate race.  From the vaults of the Vatican to the deserts of Pakistan, Holliday and Lazarus are on a quest to unravel a mystery born in the final days of the Third Reich, and to recover the scroll – the contents of which could destroy the very foundations of the Christian faith.  

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