Rome's Executioner - Vespasian 2, Robert Fabbri

Rome's Executioner - Vespasian 2, Robert Fabbri

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Condition: VERY GOOD 

Publisher: Corvus 

Publication date: 2012 

First published in 2012 

ISBN: 9781848879140 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 384 


About the Book:  

ROME, AD 30 

Thracia, AD 30: Even at the edge of the Roman world, Vespasian can’t escape the tumultuous politics of an Empire in crisis. His patrons in Rome have charged him with the clandestine extraction of an old enemy from a fortress before it falls to the Roman legion besieging it. 

Vespasian’s mission is the key move in a deadly struggle for control of the Roman Empire. The man he has been ordered to seize could destroy Sejanus, commander of the Praetorian Guard and ruler in all but name.  

Before he completed his mission, Vespasian will face ambush in snowbound mountains, pirates on the high seas and Sejanus’s spies all around him. But by far the greatest danger lies at the rotten heart of the Empire – the nightmarish court of Tiberius, Emperor of Rome and debauched, paranoid madman. 

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