Persuasion & Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen

Persuasion & Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen

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Condition: GOOD 

Publisher: Wilco 

Publication date: 2007 

ISBN: 8182522900 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 254 & 357 


About the Book:  

Jane Austen 2 books in one omnibus: 


In keeping with Austen’s endearing theme of a woman’s woes as she falls in love. Persuasion treats the delicate subject with finesse and elegance. It is not only necessary to find a man, but to ensure that he is the right one. To love both wisely and well is always a challenge, and for Austen’s heroine, the usual problem is how to side-step various traps of false adoration in the guise of pretending lovers who are rarely what they seem and claim. The true love at the same time must not be seen through the haze of prejudgment and misunderstanding. In this enchanting novel the wise characters know well enough to allow their persuasions to be replaced by new ones. As Jane Austen sees it, wrapped up in lives other than their own, the lovers are able to judge their individual motives more objectively, and therefore, know when to be persuaded to fall for the right person.  



Developed from the original draft of ‘Elinor and Marianne’, this enthralling work of Jane Austen revolves around the widowed Mrs Dashwood and her three daughters Elinor, Marianne and Margaret. Her late husband opts to will his estate to the young ladies’ well endowed stepbrother, resulting in the relocation of the family in a less prestigious environment. The drama then builds and unfolds to reveal the good sense of Elinor on the one hand, and the inherent trait of sensitive responses to Marianne on the other. In a classic novel set in a nineteenth English ambience, the author leans in favour of the dauntless fortitude of Elinor Dashwood as against Marianne’s deeply sincere and credible sensibility. Jane Austen’s ingenious and incisive portrayal of myriad facets of her heroines, however, leaves the reader free to side with any one of the sisters.  

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