Morality Tale, Sylvia Brownrigg

Morality Tale, Sylvia Brownrigg

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher:  Picador 

Publication date: 2008 

First published 2008 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 224 


About the Book:  

You’ve been married for several years.  Long enough, certainly, for the rosy glow of your first love to have faded, dulled by the routine and reality of everyday life – including, in your particular case, his vitriolic ex-wife and two cute but time intensive stepsons.  

Then, one day, you meet him.  The man of your dreams.  (Or, at least, he will be from now on.)  You weren’t expecting it, but you look at him, he looks at you, and it’s there: that spark of attraction, understanding, whatever you call it – and certainly, you call it something different from your husband when he finds out. 

The real question, though, is not so much what you call it but what you do about it. . .  

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