I'm Right Here, Yvonne Cassidy

I'm Right Here, Yvonne Cassidy

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Condition:  VERY GOOD 

Publisher:  Hatchett 

Publication date: 2017 

First published 2017 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 476 


About the Book:  

Though they have never met, Cassie is coming to think of E L as her truest friend.  Lately it feels as though Cassie’s life has been slowly collapsing around her – her beloved grandfather has dies, her father has moved out of the family home, and her mother is drinking more than she used to.  But when she talks to E L. she feels less alone. 

However, Cassie isn’t entirely sure that E L is real.  A slave girl living in 1840s South Carolina, E L visits Cassi first in her dreams, then begins to speak to her while she’s awake.  Are their conversations a sign that Cassie has inherited her grandfather’s gift of communicating with the dead, or is Cassie losing her mind? 

As the young women become closer across the miles and years that separate them, Cassie learns of the horrors of E L’s reality and resolves to help her escape.  But is E L’s future already written?  And could Cassie’s obsession damage her own life beyond repair.  

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