Hell's Kitchen, Jeffery Deaver

Hell's Kitchen, Jeffery Deaver

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Condition:  WELL READ 

Publisher:  Coronet

Publication date: 2002

Format: Paperback 

Pages:  352

John Pellam #3


From the cover:  

Every New York City neighbourhood has a story. . . 

but what John Pellam uncovers in Hell's Kitchen has a darkness all its own.  The Hollywood location scout is hoping to capture the unvarnished memories of longtime Kitchen residents in a no-budget documentary film.  But when a suspicious fire ravages an elderly woman's crumbling tenement, Pellam realises that someone might want the past to stay buried.

As more buildings and lives go up in flames, Pellam takes to the streets, seeking the twisted pyromaniac who sells his services to the highest bidder.  But Pellam is unaware that the fires are merely flickering preludes to the arsonist's ultimate masterpiece - a conflagration of nearly unimaginable proportion.   With John Pellam at its blackened and searing epicentre. 

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