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Grow Up, Keith Allen (Ex.Lib)

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Condition:  VERY GOOD (Ex Library)

Edition/Year:  2008

Publisher:  Ebury Press

Pages:  384

Format Paperback


The intimate and hilarious memoirs of notorious and controversial actor, bon viveur, father of pop sensation Lily Allen, and sometime songwriter—the irrepressible Keith Allen. "He'll either win the Victoria Cross or go to prison," said Keith Allen's headmaster in 1966. Born a Navy baby, Keith Allen learned young that when things get too settled you move on. That's the way he has lived his life ever since—always leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. He might have been a professional athlete if his criminal behavior hadn't got in the way. He spent time in prison, went on the run, drifted through squats and festivals, and survived marriages, relationships, and parenthood. He has loitered with intent in the worlds of comedy, music art, theater, and film, but never long enough to ever fully conform to expectations. He's become renowned for his extrovert and contentious behavior, his radical opinions, and his acting pedigree. But at 54 years-old, has he finally grown up? Revelatory and unapologetically honest, Grow Up takes you on a break-neck journey through the chaotic life of someone who's broken all the rules.

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