Greenmantle, John Buchan

Greenmantle, John Buchan

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Condition:  WELL READ

Publisher:  Polygon 

Publication date: 2011 

First published 1916 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 270 


About the Book:  

November 1915.  Richard Hannay is tasked to undertake a top-secret mission to investigate rumours of a plot to create a holy war throughout the Muslim world and draw troops and resources from the Western Front. 

Hannay must journey through war-torn Europe with only his three loyal friends, Peter Pienaar, John S Blenkiron and Sandy Arbuthnot, to help him as he unravels coded messages, escapes murderous mobs and tracks down the mysterious prophet who holds the key to everything – the man known as ‘Greenmantle’ 

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