Dragonsblood, Todd McCaffrey

Dragonsblood, Todd McCaffrey

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Condition:  VERY GOOD 

Publisher: Corgi 

Publication date: 2006 

First published in 2005 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 599 


About the Book:  

A deadly plague has begun to wipe out the dragons and fire-lizards, leaving mankind no defence against the deadly Thread which has just begun to fall in the Third Pass.  Tantalized by a song that seems to suggest that Lorana can find out how to heal the dragons, the Harper Kindan and Lorana race against time to solve the clues that Wind Blossom left behind. 

Can they find the cure in time to save Lorana’s queen, Arith, and the rest of the dragons?  If they don’t, there will be no dragons left, and all life on the planet will be devoured. 

And how could Wind Blossom, Pern’s last geneticist, know of a peril 400 Turns after her death? 

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