Dragonflight, Anne McCaffrey

Dragonflight, Anne McCaffrey

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Condition: VERY GOOD 

Publisher: Corgi 

Publication date: 1981 

First published in 1970 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 251 


About the Book:  

Set in a medieval world of the future, DRAGONFLIGHT tells of Holds and Castles and Keeps, and a great flight of dragons, led by a golden Queen and ridden by men sworn to the defence of their fantastic and incredible planet. . .  

The men who rode the dragons were a breed apart. Chosen when the dragons were first hatched, they became soulmates for life with the huge, magnificent beasts they controlled – the green, blue, brown and bronzes – beautiful – terrible – the only creatures who could defend the planet Pern from the blood-red star. But without the Queen, the dragons would become extinct – only the gigantic, golden Queen could breed the new flights. And the Queen was fading. . . dying . . . leaving behind one last, huge, golden egg. . .  

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