1000 unforgettable Senior Moments, Tom Friedman

1000 unforgettable Senior Moments, Tom Friedman

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Title: 1000* Unforgettable Senior Moments  

*of which we could remember only 246 

Condition:  GOOD 

Author/s:  Tom Friedman 

Edition/Year:  2006 

Publisher: Workman 

Pages: 166 

Format:  Hardback 

Category:  Funny / Observational humour / Age


About the Book: 


  • THE PRESIDENT who left the nuclear launch codes in a suit at the dry cleaner – Page 51 
  • THE MOVIE STAR who blew the same line through 52 takes – Page 10 
  • THE CELLIST who forgot his $2.5 million instrument in a taxi – Page 137 
  • THE STUDIO HEAD who couldn’t recall the name of his Oscar-winning leading lady – Page 27 
  • THE RUSSIAN GENERAL who left home in full military dress, minus his pants – Page 68 
  • THE BANK ROBBER who wrote the holdup note on a paycheck stub, which listed his name and address – Page 123 
  • THE ROCKER who no longer remembers 1975 – Page 105 
  • And of course THE NOVELIUST who put the orange juice outside and the kitten in the refrigerator – Page 152 

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